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Biratnagar-9, Morang, Nepal

About Us


Besides being a historical city of Nepal, Biratnagar has also gained reputation as being the second largest and main industrial city in the kingdom. Moreover, it prides in being the industrial and commercial center of the Eastern region. Half a century ago, before 2007 B.S, large and medium scale Industries were already established here. With the proliferation of industries and commerce, there arose the need for a coordinating body that would bring all commercial activities under one umbrella.
With the establishment of democracy, MORANG MERCHANTS’ ASSOCIATION was born in 2008 BS (1951 AD).


i. From its inception MORANG MERCHANTS’ ASSOCIATION has continuously maintained its aim & objectives.

ii. To protect the rights and promote the interests of trade & industries in the district.

iii. To promote and maintain unity and harmony in the industrial and commercial community.

iv. To function as an advisory body, regarding the financial policies and programs in the country.

v. To provide up to date information regarding trade and commerce in the district and also at the national level.

vi. To establish cordial relationship with national and international similar organizations.

vii. To issue certificate of origin for export items.

viii. To arbitrate between disputes in the industrial and commercial community.

ix. To represent the community in Governmental and non-Governmental organizations.