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Meghraj Marg, Goshwara Road

Biratnagar-9, Morang, Nepal


NEPAL BATAVARANIYA PRAYOGSALA MMA Environmental Laboratory is an independent organisation established to deliver the expertize and services in environmental quality analysis, environmental research and monitoring sectors. The establishment of laboratory has been supported by the SEAM-N Project, a bilateral environmental project of Finnish and Nepal government, and the Morang Merchant Association at Biratnagar. The laboratory started delivering consulting services in water analysis, waste water analysis, water research and monitoring since April 2004 to its local and regional clients. From January 2006 the laboratory has added the food analytical service facility to it.


  • *To provide the regular analytical services for surface, ground and wastewater quality measurements along with environmental researches
  • *Development of authentic quality report to all stakeholders industries, interested individuals, NGO, INGO and water supply authorities, etc. of the region.
  • *To conduct a time series environmental monitoring survey in order to identify the status of environmental condition at different times and development.
  • *To generate awareness about the quality of effluent/emissions and its acute impact on surface/ground water as well as human health.
  • *To inspect and observe as a wings of local bodies/or those areas from where the complains /queries are received.
  • *To assist to contribute to the establishment of environmental database for the effective and integrated environmental monitoring system during its implementation.


  • *Atomic absorption spectrophotometer
  • *UV VIS Spectrophotometer
  • *Electronic Balance ( Sensitivity : 10-4 gms, 10-2 gms )
  • *Nephelometer
  • *PH Meter
  • *Conductivity Meter
  • *Dissolved Oxygen Meter
  • *Muffle Furnace
  • *Hot Air oven
  • *Desiccators
  • *BOD Incubator
  • *Microbiological Incubators
  • *Sterilizing Autoclave
  • *Laminar Flow
  • *Laboratory Microscope
  • *Colony Counter
  • *Centrifuge Machine
  • *Membrane Filtration Set
  • *Vacuum Pump
  • *Hot Plate
  • *Heating Mantle
  • *Distilled water Plant
  • *Distillation Set
  • *Digestion Set
  • *TDS meter
  • *Reflux Set


The laboratory Steering Committee ( LSC ) and laboratory Management Committee ( LMC) has been formed for coordination and decision making.LSC is responsible to provide overall policy guidelines,maintain inter-sectoral coordination,review the budgeting and make major amendments and decision.The LSC consists of all main stakeholders from SEAM project area and representative of Ministry of Population and Environment ( MoPE ).At the working level ,the LMC has been established to implement the decision made by LSCand to supervise daily wise activities of the laboratory